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EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION CALAIS REGIONAL HOSPITAL, 24 Hospital Lane, Calais ME 04619 Today's Date: Last Name Address: First Name Street Social Security Number: Nickname City Full Middle Name State Zip
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This is my CRH because my son means more to me than anybody else in the entire world They make me feel like he's their entire world as well even though He's just one of many they see they still take care of him like he's the only one there My name is Michealene Spencer I live in Baileyville Born and raised in Baileyville Maine I left for a few years and was lucky enough to move home had my son and we live here I work here and Jude gets to see the people here My son Jude he is 18 months old he's been seeing Calais Regional Pediatrics since he was born When they're real little of course they're seen frequently every week for a couple months and then they are seen every month so the pediatric staff becomes part of your baby's life Becomes part of your life and with Jude It wasn't just your typical seeing him each month for his well child checks He was a kid who was plagued with ear infections so he was seen frequently In my experience with the Calais Regional Pediatrics has been fantastic Jude is a very social child but when people are you know poking and prodding at you you know it's uncomfortable And he doesn't mind at all he loves the nurses loves Dr Ledford It doesn't bother him at all to be at the doctors So if you had to recommend Pediatric care to someone else here say your best friend They're looking for care What would you say to them to convince them to give pediatrics a try I would tell them that it didn't matter day or night You always have someone to answer your questions I would tell them that Dr Ledford is knowledgeable she's friendly her staff is knowledgeable and friendly They're great with the kids they become part of your family They know not just your kids medical background but also their social background and where they go to school and their school events and they talk to you just like they're a family member So having grown up here it was always important for me to move back home And in a small area it is hard to find jobs So for me supporting local businesses whether it's medical or its restaurants or gas stations that's hugely important to me Having such a qualified staff so close It makes it a no-brainer In the event that anything should happen we wanted to be in the area close by and luckily Calais regional was very close by We live in the neighboring town so it was easy to get him here and easy to keep up with his medical care For me I have no trouble driving all over the state of Maine if it meant good care of my son But I don't need to do that It's right here